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"The new Me First Fitness Protien Shake....Fresh, light, and tastes amazing!" - Shandell Conboy

"I find myself in a community that inspires me to do my best every time I walk into the studio." - Deb McGlynn

" Age is just a number. I have never felt stronger or healthier and Me First has so much to do with where I am today in my healthy journey. " - Deb McGlynn

"These trainers are passionate about what they do." - Deb McGlynn

"Week by week, he worked with me, always encouraging me to go on. His passion for fitness and his commitment to my well being, kept me going." - Stephen Chapman

"Even when I was discouraged , he always praised how well I was improving. I recovered very well and regained most of my strength where I had suffered paralysis." - Stephen Chapman

"I never would have expected your business to be one that became a type of "family" or "friend" to a 13 year old girl." - Carolyn Vandenberg

"I tried the orange flavour Me First Fitness protein, OMG it was soooo yummy! I'm very impressed!" - Mary McGregor"

"I never felt bored. There were always new things to try and new exercises to learn. No session was ever the same." - Katrina Salvador

"Not only did you help my son achieve an amazing physical transformation but you helped to transform his as a person as well." - Ernie O'Rourke

"At the end of every session Mark took the time to stretch me and gave me tips that I could do on my own time." - Kelsey Hackenschmidt

"I use to say I had 4 important men in my life, my Husband, my 2 boys and my Dad.... I now have to add Mark to that list." Amanda Salm

"I was able to lift the same weight I had done in my twenties and my stamina had increased tenfold." - Marion Kapralos

"Our experience helped us gain a sense of balance and perspective and a fresh outlook of not just how far we have come but how much further we can go.” - George Kapralos

"Mark would even use music of my choosing to motivate me during my workouts." - Ryan Wagnell

"Mark takes such a simple yet customized approach to personal training that has resulted in many happy clients, including myself!" - Kelsey Hackenschmidt

"With Mark’s encouragement, you have no choice but to feel determined." Katrina Salvador

"I lost 13lbs and 8 inches in 10 weeks and my wedding dress fit perfect." - Tonia Peroff

"The Kettlebell classes have been the most help to me, targeting...well every part of me! My arms, legs, and butt have never looked better." - Amanda Salm

"The most amazing benefit was my flexibility. I could touch my toes!" - Marion Kapralos

"Worth every penny and we cannot thank you enough!" - Ernie O'Rourke

"I learned a lot during my sessions not only about proper workout and techniques but nutrition and an overall healthy standard of living." - Katrina Salvador

"Nicholas lost approximately 80lbs! This was an amazing feat for an 18 year old boy who was more interested in video gaming than exercising." - Ernie O'Rourke

"Even through hockey injuries and sickness, Mark was always finds a way for me to train despite having some physical limitations." - Ryan Wagnell

"Mark has been challenging me both mentally and physically for six months now and I am seeing numbers on the scale that I have not seen in ten years." - Nicole Walters

"Mark is passionate about his job and is just as invested in my success as I am." - Nicole Walters

"The bootcamps are an intense workout, filled with fun and laughter in a supportive and nurturing environment." - Melissa Hiltz

"Not only are the boot camps challenging and fun, the people that attend and the trainers are amazing." - Lisa Brown

"Me First Fitness is welcoming to new members and there is no intimidation no matter what your fitness level." - Lisa Brown

"Since working out with Mark and the Me First Fitness team I reached my weight loss goal of 40lbs and gone from a size 16 to a size 6." - Lisa Brown

"Mark is a true and devoted professional in his field. He is an excellent trainer but also a very caring individual. He makes you feel at ease, going to his gym is like visiting a friend." - Stephen Chapman

"You were and still are the person that never gave up on me and helped me get back to the best I can be." - Stephen Chapman

"I know I have said it many times but I LOVE your bootcamps and your studio. It is such a warm and friendly place with amazing energy." - Ramona Gellel

"I will always remember on my first day how friendly and helpful Shannon was and that she remembered my name the very next time I was back." - Ramona Gellel

"This morning I did the 10am class with Tiffany. FABULOUS. Great class, challenging but she was very very helpful and spotted everyone." - Ramona Gellel

Durham's Best Personal Training StudioVoted Durham Region's BEST Personal Training Studio & Bootcamps 2009-17. Me First Fitness is located at 889 Westney Rd. South, Ajax, ON. (Beside Shell)
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Fitness Bootcamps in AjaxClasses Include: Kettlebell, Fit-Kick, Power Abs, HIIT, BodyBlast, Cardio Core, TRX, Pilates, Bootycamp, Tabata, Zumba, BodyPump, Abs & Arms, Bosu Ball, Resista-Ball, CSX, MMA-FIT, Morning Rush & Fitbody!